British Values

Mutual respect


The children at BSCS primary demonstrate care and respect for themselves, each other, the school community, local community and wider community through:  

* Understanding the impact of their own actions - ‘Bucket Filling’
* Acts of charity eg. sport relief
* Celebration of faiths and cultures around the world as well as represented within school community, eg. Chinese New Year, Diwali.
* Visits from members of school community to talk about faiths, eg. parents and post 16 stu-dent Diwali activities
* Weekly Jigsaw PSHE themes - linked to celebration of children who show they can demonstrate values.
* Weekly Forest School sessions; caring for local area and understanding the value of the local environment.
* Participating in activities that promote health and wellbeing, eg, daily mile, forest school.



 Individual Liberty


Children at BSCS primary are encouraged to make their own positive choices, knowing that they are in a safe environment through:

* curriculum led by children's interests in EYFS and KS1.
* negotiated curriculum in KS1.
* natural breaks in learning, rather than set playtimes, to enable children to chose when they need a break from learning - taking control of their own timetable.
* Learning about Remembrance Day and taking part in 2 minutes silence on the day.
* Through lunchtime choices, children are given opportunities to choose from a self-service salad cart, bread basket and pour own drinks—making healthy choices.
* The use of ‘Bucket filling’ language with the children support positive behaviour choices.





Rule of Law


The children at BSCS primary learn to respect the rule of law and distinguish right from wrong through:
* Whole school programme of PSHE that links to weekly focus on celebrated behaviours.
* consistent school behaviour policy with shared rewards and consequences.
* Shared understanding of acceptable behaviours that support learning and the ethos of bucket filling.
* sharing and signing of home school agreement - annually
* visits by local PCSO and air ambulance
* Understanding importance of E-Safety through sharing ‘Digiduck’ home pack.
* Taking part in annual anti-bullying week




The Children at BSCS primary learn about democracy through:
* negotiated curriculum in KS1 allows children to agree on focus for week's activities.
* Agreeing a class set of agreed ‘rights and responsibilities’ at the start of the year; this is at an age appropriate level where children identify behaviours that support and block learning and agree to model the positive behaviours.
* Our school behaviour policy with consistent rewards and consequences.
* Valuing pupil voice; where possible, children are involved in whole school decisions. Examples of school development where pupil voice has influenced decision making include; sampling food during the contract negotiations for lunch time providers, planning of development of outdoor area, development of lunchtime provision, choosing, fund-raising for and naming school rabbit.