Learning Partnerships

We are fortunate to enjoy a close working partnership with the secondary phase of the school so our pupils benefit from the resources and expertise that a secondary setting has to offer.

We also work with several local schools, both at primary and secondary level. Pupils and staff benefit hugely from these collaborations and we value these close working relationships with local colleagues.

The Olympus Academy Trust

As part of The Olympus Academy Trust pupils enjoy joint activities and access to staff and resources in all four of our schools. Staff share expertise, provide mutual support and challenge one another to push for ongoing improvement. 

Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance

We benefit a great deal as a partner in the Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance (PLTSA).  The schools, nurseries, businesses and university members in the alliance work collaboratively to improve standards and life experiences for all pupils and adults.  

This work involves the ‘big six’ areas of Schools Direct Initial Teacher Training as follows:

  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Management
  • School to School support services
  • Deployment of Specialist Leaders of Education and Research and Development.

 For more information about the work of PLTSA alliance visit the website: www.pltsa.co.uk


The Bristol Standard

As part of our ongoing development, we are currently working towards achieving the Bristol Standard. The Bristol Standard is a self-evaluation framework that will support us in developing and improving the quality and effectiveness of our provision. It is set out in 10 dimensions, each focusing on a different aspect of provision.

Learn more here https://www.bristol.gov.uk/resources-professionals/bristol-standard