International Partnerships

BSCS is actively twinned with Sawa Sawa Academy in Watamu, Kenya and we regularly fundraise for equipment and learning resources for them. Their Headteacher visited the school in 2015.

When and how did it start?

Our link started in January 2013 after our Director of Post 16 Mr Hill visited the school in Kenya and they asked about the idea of linking with our school. He was keen to set up a link with a school as he knew the value this could have for both our school and community and the Kenyan community.


What are the objectives?

To develop a mutually beneficial and sustainable link. We want to support both schools and communities by offering them opportunities to experience how the education systems in Kenya and the United Kingdom work, learning from each other and sharing examples of best practice.

What has been achieved so far? 

Initially the link grew slowly with students setting up pen-pal links, small fundraising efforts and some opportunities to develop learning in the classroom. In July 2014 we took a group of 7 Post 16 students out to Kenya and they taught lessons, renovated classrooms and interacted with the students and teachers. They also got to explore the local area, snorkelling, going on safari and enjoying the beach! Through a grant obtained through the British Council’s Connecting Classroom’s Scheme, we organised a visit from the Headteacher of their school, Zablon. This took a great deal of planning, getting him a passport, visa, necessary vaccinations etc. Zablon visited our Primary Phase during his visit and took part in a forest school session.

Since then the link has gone from strength to strength. We have developed links with Kenya across our curriculum, including the Sawa Sawa run where students are collaboratively running to Sawa Sawa from BSCS. We have also started sponsoring a student, Elsie, who, without our support wouldn’t be able to attend school. Finally, we have a tutor group who are in regular correspondence with students in Kenya, exchanging pictures and letters.