Procedures for Reporting Absence.

24 Hour Absence Line: 01454 868842

  • If you know your child is going to be absent from school for a medical appointment, please could you notify the school in advance of the appointment day via the absence line.
  • If your child is ill; please call the absence line before the start of the school day (8.40am)
  • If you wish to request absence from school, please complete a ‘Request for Absence’ form which can be found on the school website.
  • If there is a problem with the absence line, you can email Madelaine McGinn:

Parents often like to let the class teacher know directly if their child is going to be absent; this can give you an opportunity to explain more about the appointment if necessary. However, we ask that all parents also follow the official procedures as set out above, as this ensures registers are completed with the correct codes for absence and takes away the need for teachers to be expected to remember to pass on messages that they are often given during a busy period of the day.

View our procedures for dropping off and collecting children.

View our Request for Absence form.


From September 2013, the Government withdrew the right for head teachers to grant 10 days holiday leave to children during the school year. View the South Gloucestershire attendance leaflet here.

The new guidelines are very specific that absence from school may only now be granted by the head teacher in ‘exceptional’ circumstances.  The school will only consider applications made using the ‘School Application for Absence Form’ which is available from the school office and should be submitted two calendar weeks ahead of the date requested for absence.